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Small Business

From the formation of a business entity to customized operating agreements tailored specifically to your business's unique needs, the Goff & Metyko Law Firm can provide the legal guidance and commercial expertise to have your business running efficiently and with complete compliance of all state and federal requirements.

Understanding the benefits of the various corporate entities available to the small business owner is key to early success. 

Let our offices give you a thorough breakdown of your options, the tax implications, and how to best leverage your corporate structure to your advantage.

  • Manager Managed

  • Member Managed

  • Single Member LLCs

  • Multi-Member LLCs

  • Series LLCs

  • S Corps

  • C Corps

  • General Partnerships

  • Limited Partnerships

  • Limited Liability Partnerships

Whether sharing profits with partners, investors, or other entities, our offices can draft a corporate governance agreement that benefits and protect you and your company. Allow us to draft your, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Corporate Bylaws, Company Policies or whatever other legal documentation your business needs.

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